Christmas dinner London 2014

Christmas Dinner in London 2014

As Christmas is fast approaching the most popular words uttered when search engines, in the day to day office conversation booking Christmas parties is ‘Christmas dinner London‘. Kishmish is equally as excited being in a very central London location which is popular for socialising such Fulham Broadway or Fulham Road which is where Kishmish is based just in front of Stanford Bridge and just a stones through away from Chelsea and the infamous Kings Road!

Christmas dinner is one of the most British traditional meals around the Christmas holidays. Where families get together and can have a celebratory meal for Christmas. Restaurants around London are doing their own versions of Christmas dinner London style. Whether they have gone for the traditional turkey with all the trimmings or whether they have focused on a more modern aspect of trimmings introducing ingredients such as chorizo!

So what are you families favourite traditions at Christmas? Do you go for a special Christmas dinner in London or do you stay in and make your own with your family?

christmas dinner london

Image credits: vagabond3

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