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The best place in to celebrate Christmas Fulham

Christmas eve is one of the brightest times of the year and celebrating Christmas should always be colourful and cheerful.

To provide you with the best experience we have prepared an amazing Christmas menu for you, which will get you into the right spirit.

Kishmish is one of the top restaurants in Croydon and it’s one of the best places to organise your Christmas party or special family dinner.

We already take reservations for the festive season and you can book in advance your special day. Save a date online or call us on 020 7385 6953.

Check our website, Facebook and Twitter pages to find our special menu and updated Christmas and New Year opening times.

The Gardens of Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace is an important historic landscape. It was the summer residence of the Bishop of London for centuries. The Palace’s garden has got many interesting and unusual trees, gathered from all around the world. It was the home of the first British-grown examples of the exotic plants such as Tamarisk, Acacia, Mahogany and Maple trees.
Bishop Henry Compton started to grow the quaint and care demanding plants. He was a botanist and had created a wonderful collection of flora. Bishop Grindal grew grapes and he sent them to Elisabeth I each year. His name is also associated with a Great Tree of London. The aged evergreen oak is estimated to be at least 450 years old.
The Garden organises public walks, you can join to see the nature full of history.

One of the best Indian restaurants in Fulham Kishmish

One of the best restaurants in Fulham – Kishmish

Kishmish is the one of the best Indian restaurants in Fulham. It is situated right next to Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea football club on Fulham Road. Right next to Fulham Broadway tube station. It has a great menu, with a wide range of curries at a very good price for a restaurant in SW6. The portions are very generous at this Indian. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in Fulham.  On the 18th February, Kishmish will be launching a completely new menu and brand. This makes Kishmish one of the most exciting things to happen to restaurants in Fulham. Kishmish is one of the many restaurants that are located in Fulham that will take reservations. Kishmish also has a full bar for everyone to enjoy, especially when celebrating a win for Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge.

No matter the occasion, Kishmish will be able to cater for your needs when looking for a restaurant in Fulham. This is whether it is a special occasion, such as a birthday or a romantic meal on Valentine’s day. So don’t delay in booking your table at Kishmish to enjoy this Indian restaurant. It does great food and drinks. If you don’t want to go out in Fulham, then order a takeaway. That right, Kishmish will deliver hot food to your house, providing you live close to this Fulham restaurant. You can even order online from the Kishmish website. You will also be able to find Kishmish on takeaway apps and websites such as Just Eat and Hungry House.

If you don’t trust what we are saying, then simply check the reviews. You can find good reviews of Kishmish on websites such as TripAdvisor. Here, many satisfied customers have described their experiences in this restaurant situated in Fulham.

Restaurants in Fulham

Restaurants in Fulham

Fulham news; puppy returns home!

Fulham news

Fulham news

Fulham news

Lost puppy reunited with Fulham family after six months


It was great to hear the happy news of a French bulldog puppy- Meg being reunited with its family six months after it was stolen from their own garden in Earls Court on July 1st 2013.


The family including two small children called Tallulah and Flynn posted adverts online and printed posters and displayed them locally in case any locals saw their beloved dog. The family eventually got a new French bulldog called Coco. Then out of the bull in December they received a phone call from someone in Essex who had their puppy Meg. Someone had been sold the dog on an online advertisement and went to the vets to get it chipped when the vet told the person it was already chipped and therefore had an owner with all of their contact details on it!


The family were relieved when they finally had their puppy Meg back and then met her new friend Coco. At first Meg was very shy and was withdrawn with the family. She immediately made friends with Coco and are inseparable now!


The family took Meg to the Goddard Veterinary Group in Fulham for a quick health check after her horrible ordeal. The check showed Meg was a little underweight but she is now fully healthy!



Fulham restaurants, Kishmish

Fulham restaurants

Kishmish, one of many popular restaurants on Fulham Road

Fulham restaurants bring a lot of variety and cultural food to the high street and local area. People flocking here from all parts of London for social meet ups or to spend time in the local area, such as Fulham Palace, Fulham Broadway shopping center.

The restaurants in the area all boosting their unique tastes, look and niche offering. Bodean’s a favourite BBQ smoke restaurant, or the Cote which is a French restaurant. Kishmish is one of the most unique restaurants, a completely unique restaurant and serving the most authentic Indian cuisine since 1966.

Now going under the knife and having a complete renovation including the interior, exterior, branding and menu. You name it, Kishmish are doing it, they plan to be even more unique than they are now. Already a favourite for many locals and also Chelsea fans before a match, being located just outside of Stamford Bridge stadium.

Kishmish offers delivery, takeaway and eat in service. The Kishmish website giving the client the chance to book their table online or to order their food online and pick it up or have it delivered to their house.

restaurants Chelsea

Kishmish, Fulham Restaurants

One of Fulham restaurants, Kishmish change their look

Fulham restaurants; new year, new look

Kishmish, an Indian restaurant delivery, takeaway and eat in Indian cuisine based restaurant on the famous Fulham Road. Situated in the Kensington and Chelsea borough, the current up and coming area! Kishmish is keeping up with the trendsetting area and are going under the knife, having a  full blown refurbishment!

You can look forward to a new look through their exterior and interior appearance, new layout, new uniform and the new exciting menu which will be available.

A very popular restaurant for Chelsea football supporters before they go to a Chelsea match at Stamford bridge.

Recently announcing that they are open for lunch, which is great news for local businesses on their lunch hour or local shoppers spending the afternoon shopping till they drop in Fulham Broadway Shopping center!

What’s your favourite Indian food? Chicken tikka masala, rogan, dhansak or even the vindaloo!


fulham broadway

Fulham restaurants



Indian takeaway Fulham, London

Indian takeaway Fulham, London

Kishmish is available for an eat in service as well as  a favourite for Indian takeaway and delivery.  Now newly open for lunch to attract local residents and workers on their lunch hour one of the few in Fulham restaurants.

With a large selection of Indian authentic cuisine on the menu which was is why Kishmish has been a favourite to locals and also to Chelsea football supporters when they go and see a home game at Stamford Bridge.

First established in 1966, Kishmish has developed continuously in their knowledge of food, customer and appearance. They are currently having a refurbishment and renovation which will introduce their complete new look. A new and improved menu, new restaurant interior, branding, uniform and lots more!

Therefore if you are a fan of Kishmish for Indian takeaway, delivery or eat in service the restaurant will be revamping their look and services at levels with a newly improved delicious menu being launched on Saturday 15th February 2014!

We look forward to seeing you again!

Indian takeaway

10 Things to do in London



When searching the top 10 things to do in London when a tourist or even a local resident, you are bombarded by loads of museums, site seeing tours and art exhibitions. But what do the people such as us at Kishmish think about the top 10 things to do in London/ Fulham.

Fulham Broadway area is one of the trendy areas for a lot of people to socialise in and we want to share this you the 10 attractions in London, Fulham.


1. Kishmish; we could not do a list of the top 10 attractions without adding the finest, authentic Indian restaurant in Fulham; Kishmish. Being around since 1966 Kishmish has found their place in society in Fulham, being a friendly, local and quality authentic restaurant.


2. Shop till you drop in the Fulham Broadway shopping area. With loads of highstreet and independent shops on the highstreet.


3. Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club. People think it’s based in Chelsea but in fact Stamford Bridge is based off Fulham Road.


4. Fulham Palace; embrace the historic beauty and amazing architecture!


5. Vue cinema, watch the new releases at the cinema.


6. The river Thames, stroll along the river Thames for some fresh air and follow the amazing path.


7. Pottery Cafe; if you are with kids and they are asking their most popular question ‘What are we doing today?!’, the pottery cafe is the answer. With a studio in Fulham, the cafe is great to relax with the kids which they show their creative side by decorating all types of pottery!


8. Shepherd’s Bush Empire; the best gig venue in the Hammersmith & Fulham borough. Relax and unwind to your favourite band and see them live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.


9. Ravenscourt Park; get some fresh air and bring along the kids for a picnic at Ravenscourt park which is one of the largest parks in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham!


10. Hammersmith Bridge sunset! Enjoy one of the most natural and simple things to do and watch the sun set along on Hammersmith Bridge on the River Thames.


So there it is, the top 10 attractions in the Fulham area! Check them out and tell us what you think.