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Restaurants Fulham

Indian restaurants fulham, there are many to choose to take someone special for any occasion. Therefore, if you’re looking for a restaurant, choose Kishmish. This is one best indian restaurants fulham, especially since the restaurant has just undergone a new rebranding. The restaurant has recently just undergone a transformation with a rebranding and a new menu. Kishmish now has a fusion menu which is an extremely interesting concept and a rare one to find in an Indian restaurant.

So if you want the best Indian food in Fulham then come to Kishmish! In fact, it’s definitely the best Indian food in all of London (we think so anyway!)


Restaurant SW6

Restaurant SW6

Restaurant SW6, in this affluent area in London there are many restaurants to choose from. Many people who don’t know the area as well as they could be lost with all the choice. However, there is only one option for those who know the area. This restaurant is Kishmish, a tasty Indian which does great Indian food. It is located on the Fulham Road. This is right by Stamford Bridge so if you are a football fan you can visit before or after a game. If your not a fan, then you can visit during a game. Obviously, you can visit at any other time aswell. Kishmish serves Indian food that is fusion and it is also really tasty – have you given it a try?

Kishmish restaurants Chelsea

Kishmish restaurants Chelsea

Kishmish Restaurants Chelsea, is located just outside of Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea football club home ground. The football club have just sold David Luiz for a lot of money, they must be laughing as he captained Brazil when they lost 7-1 to Germany.

Although the match will not be played in the home ground Kishmish will still be one of the restaurants Chelsea fans descend to before or after kick off. Watching the match locally in the Fulham, Chelsea or Putney area and going for their usual delicious Indian cuisine when their home team play!

retaurant chelsearetaurants chelsea


Kishmish is an excellent Indian takeaway

Kishmish is an Indian takeaway and restaurant that is located in Fulham.

If you are looking for an Indian restaurant that will deliver delicious food straight to your door, choose Kishmish. The restaurant will deliver hot food straight to your door and you can enjoy dinner from the comfort of your own home. Kishmish will also cater for your event, if you are planning a slightly bigger night than an Indian takeaway in front of the TV.

Whatever the occasion, Kishmish will cater for it. With the wide range of of dishes that you can have, there is something for everyone. Kishmish will tailor the food to the event and budget. They will do sit down meals, hot and cold canapes or a buffet. It is not just an Indian restaurant or an Indian takeaway. It is much much more.

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