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Kishmish restaurants Chelsea

Kishmish restaurants Chelsea

Kismish restaurants chelsea

Kishmish restaurants Chelsea

Kishmish Restaurants Chelsea, is located just outside of Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea football club home ground. Playing away tonight against Basle in the St Jakob Park.

Although the match will not be played in the home ground Kishmish will still be one of the restaurants Chelsea fans descend to before or after kick off. Watching the match locally in the Fulham, Chelsea or Putney area and going for their usual delicious Indian cuisine when their home team play!

Restaurants Chelsea; Kishmish

Restaurants Chelsea; Kishmish

Not only is Kishmish one of the restaurants Chelsea fans flock to before a home game, but it is also very local to Chelsea, Kings Road! One of the very glam, chic places at the moment is Chelsea Fulham postcode because of the hit reality series Made in Chelsea.

Kishmish is very handy as a restaurants Chelsea fans go to because of its direct location to Stamford Bridge- with the Chelsea club directly behind the restaurant and also on Fulham Road which is a very popular area for bars and pubs even when Chelsea aren’t playing!

The area brings a lot of Christmas shoppers, taking a pit stop for a delicious authentic lunch or dinner in a more high profile area and restaurant.

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Fulham restaurants

Fulham restaurants: Kishmish stands head and shoulders above the rest!

Fulham restaurants bring a lot of variety and cultural food to the high street and local area. People flocking here from all parts of London for social meet ups or to spend time in the local area, such as Fulham Palace, Fulham Broadway shopping center.

The restaurants in the area all boosting their unique tastes, look and niche offering. Bodean’s a favourite BBQ smoke restaurant, or the Cote which is a French restaurant. Kishmish is one of the most unique restaurants, a completely unique restaurant and serving the most authentic Indian cuisine since 1966.

Now going under the knife and having a complete renovation including the interior, exterior, branding and menu. You name it, Kishmish are doing it, they plan to be even more unique than they are now. Already a favourite for many locals and also Chelsea fans before a match, being located just outside of Stamford Bridge stadium.

Kishmish offers delivery, takeaway and eat in service. The Kishmish website giving the client the chance to book their table online or to order their food online and pick it up or have it delivered to their house.

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Fulham restaurant has a brand new loook

Fulham restaurant; new year, new look

Kishmish, an Indian restaurant delivery, takeaway and eat in Indian cuisine based restaurant on the famous Fulham Road. Situated in the Kensington and Chelsea borough, the current up and coming area! Kishmish is keeping up with the trendsetting area and has had some plastic surgery and had a  full blown refurbishment!

You can experience a completely new look through their exterior and interior appearance, new layout, new uniform and the new exciting menu which is available.

A very popular restaurant for Chelsea football supporters before they go to a Chelsea match at Stamford bridge.

Recently announcing that they are open for lunch, which is great news for local businesses on their lunch hour or local shoppers spending the afternoon shopping till they drop in Fulham Broadway Shopping center!

What’s your favourite Indian food? Chicken tikka masala, rogan, dhansak or even the vindaloo!

Indian takeaway? Look no further than Kishmish

Kishmish is an Indian takeaway and restaurant that is located in Fulham. If you are looking for an Indian restaurant that will deliver delicious food straight to your door, choose Kishmish. The restaurant will deliver hot food straight to your door and you can enjoy dinner from the comfort of your own home. Kishmish will also cater for your event, if you are planning a slightly bigger night than an Indian takeaway in front of the TV.

Whatever the occasion, Kishmish will cater for it. With the wide range of of dishes that you can have, there is something for everyone. Kishmish will tailor the food to the event and budget. They will do sit down meals, hot and cold canapes or a buffet. It is not just an Indian restaurant or an Indian takeaway. It is much much more.

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