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10 Things to do in London



When searching the top 10 things to do in London when a tourist or even a local resident, you are bombarded by loads of museums, site seeing tours and art exhibitions. But what do the people such as us at Kishmish think about the top 10 things to do in London/ Fulham.

Fulham Broadway area is one of the trendy areas for a lot of people to socialise in and we want to share this you the 10 attractions in London, Fulham.


1. Kishmish; we could not do a list of the top 10 attractions without adding the finest, authentic Indian restaurant in Fulham; Kishmish. Being around since 1966 Kishmish has found their place in society in Fulham, being a friendly, local and quality authentic restaurant.


2. Shop till you drop in the Fulham Broadway shopping area. With loads of highstreet and independent shops on the highstreet.


3. Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club. People think it’s based in Chelsea but in fact Stamford Bridge is based off Fulham Road.


4. Fulham Palace; embrace the historic beauty and amazing architecture!


5. Vue cinema, watch the new releases at the cinema.


6. The river Thames, stroll along the river Thames for some fresh air and follow the amazing path.


7. Pottery Cafe; if you are with kids and they are asking their most popular question ‘What are we doing today?!’, the pottery cafe is the answer. With a studio in Fulham, the cafe is great to relax with the kids which they show their creative side by decorating all types of pottery!


8. Shepherd’s Bush Empire; the best gig venue in the Hammersmith & Fulham borough. Relax and unwind to your favourite band and see them live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.


9. Ravenscourt Park; get some fresh air and bring along the kids for a picnic at Ravenscourt park which is one of the largest parks in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham!


10. Hammersmith Bridge sunset! Enjoy one of the most natural and simple things to do and watch the sun set along on Hammersmith Bridge on the River Thames.


So there it is, the top 10 attractions in the Fulham area! Check them out and tell us what you think.


Christmas dinner London

Christmas dinner London, our favourite three words at the moment!

As Christmas is fast approaching the most popular words uttered when search engines, in the day to day office conversation booking Christmas parties is ‘Christmas dinner London‘. Kishmish is equally as excited being in a very central London location which is popular for socialising such Fulham Broadway or Fulham Road which is where Kishmish is based just in front of Stanford Bridge and just a stones through away from Chelsea and the infamous Kings Road!

Christmas dinner is one of the most British traditional meals around the Christmas holidays. Where families get together and can have a celebratory meal for Christmas. Restaurants around London are doing their own versions of Christmas dinner London style. Whether they have gone for the traditional turkey with all the trimmings or whether they have focused on a more modern aspect of trimmings introducing ingredients such as chorizo!

So what are you families favourite traditions at Christmas? Do you go for a special Christmas dinner in London or do you stay in and make your own with your family?


Restaurants Chelsea, Kishmish amongst the best!

Restaurants Chelsea; Kishmish

Not only is Kishmish one of the restaurants Chelsea fans flock to before a home game, but it is also very local to Chelsea, Kings Road! One of the very glam, chic places at the moment is Chelsea Fulham postcode because of the hit reality series Made in Chelsea.

Kishmish is very handy as a restaurants Chelsea fans go to because of its direct location to Stamford Bridge- with the Chelsea club directly behind the restaurant and also on Fulham Road which is a very popular area for bars and pubs even when Chelsea aren’t playing!

The area brings a lot of Christmas shoppers, taking a pit stop for a delicious authentic lunch or dinner in a more high profile area and restaurant.


restaurants Chelsea

Christmas dinner London, Fulham

Kishmish is proud to be one of the restaurants that are offering an Indian authentic Christmas dinner London based!

Kishmish, based in the buzzing, socialite area of Fulham, Chelsea where Chelsea football fans pop in for a civilized curry before a big game at Stamford Bridge and also very popular for Fulham and Chelsea residents who enjoy an authentic curry in a clean cut, relaxed atmosphere.

Open over the Christmas period, welcoming work parties and a lot of family bookings offering a large variety of dishes which will cater to everyone’s needs.

Just a stone’s throw away from Fulham Broadway and the main shopping area Kishmish is newly becoming a favourite for lunch time meals. Newly open for lunch including delivery, takeaway and eat in service from 12:00pm-2:30pm.

Christmas dinner London

Indian takeaway Fulham; Kishmish a favourite

Kishmish; a popular place in the Winter for takeaways in Fulham (Indian takeaway Fulham)

Kishmish; Indian takeaway Fulham



When the Winter kicks in people don’t like to venture out of their homes to restaurants, waiting for a taxi or a bus  in the cold.  Instead its easier to stay in curl up on the sofa in front of good television such as X Factor or Strictly and order their food to their sofa.

This is why Kishmish is such a popular result when searching ‘Indian takeaway Fulham’ and seeking an Indian takeaway. All food is modern authentic Indian food giving Kishmish the step above the rest compared to other Fulham restaurants. With a simple ‘order online‘ link on the website you can place your order and then decide whether you want your takeaway to be taken to you or picked up by yourself.

Now extending what they offer to the public, open for lunch delivery and eat in service! One of the few restaurants Fulham can offer residents and offices for Indian cuisine at lunch time!

Kishmish, a delicious Indian takeaway Fulham

Kishmish Fulham Restaurant

Kishmish Fulham Restaurant

Kishmish is an Indian restaurant based in Fulham Road just outside of Stamford Bridge.

Offering a relaxed and polished interior for eat in meals or delivery and takeaway service one of the best Indian takeaway Fulham! The restaurant had also extended their service to lunch time delivery and eat in which is the perfect solution for any local businesses craving a little Kishmish on their lunch hour! On the website they offer an order online service so you do not have to waste any time talking to someone on the phone to order. Kishmish is one of the popular destinations when someone searches ‘Indian takeaway Fulham’.

The Kishmish team are passionate about authentic Indian cuisine with a modern twist and their detail and tastes that they create in the restaurant is an example of this.

So book your table 0207 385 6953



Kishmish, one of the best Indian restaurants in Fulham Broadway

Kishmish restaurants in Fulham Broadway

Kishmish, one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Fulham Broadway, just located outside of the Chelsea Football Stadium, Stamford Bridge.

Now newly opened for lunch time, delivery lunch times from 11.30am-2.30pm and for eat in service from 12.00pm-2.30pm, a great advantage for any local businesses in Fulham.

For a load of businesses searching ‘Christmas dinner London‘ for Christmas parties and family dinners, look no further. Kishmish offers a great set menu around the Christmas weeks and is in a relaxed, sophisticated and friendly restaurant which is perfect for festive celebrations!