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Located on Fulham Broadway restaurant

This Fulham Broadway Restaurant, outside the hot spot that is Chelsea’s Football Stadium Stamford Bridge, we are the fans favourite restaurant whilst the premier league takes place! Offering a wide range of authentic Indian cuisine including vegetarian or non-vegetarian to suit everybody’s taste buds. We can offer a takeaway and delivery service and are now taking bookings, catering for any size party!  Offering a relaxed and polished interior for eat in meals or delivery and takeaway service one of the best Indian takeaway Fulham! The restaurant had also extended their service to lunch time delivery and eat in which is the perfect solution for any local businesses craving a little Kishmish on their lunch hour! On the website they offer an order online service so you do not have to waste any time talking to someone on the phone to order. Kishmish is one of the popular destinations when someone searches ‘Indian takeaway Fulham’.

Indian takeaway? Look no further than Kishmish

Kishmish is an Indian takeaway and restaurant that is located in Fulham. If you are looking for an Indian restaurant that will deliver delicious food straight to your door, choose Kishmish. The restaurant will deliver hot food straight to your door and you can enjoy dinner from the comfort of your own home. Kishmish will also cater for your event, if you are planning a slightly bigger night than an Indian takeaway in front of the TV.

Whatever the occasion, Kishmish will cater for it. With the wide range of of dishes that you can have, there is something for everyone. Kishmish will tailor the food to the event and budget. They will do sit down meals, hot and cold canapes or a buffet. It is not just an Indian restaurant or an Indian takeaway. It is much much more.

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Christmas menu london

Kishmish offers an Indian authentic Christmas menu in London based!

Kishmish, based in the buzzing, socialite area of Fulham, Chelsea where Chelsea football fans pop in for a civilized curry before a big game at Stamford Bridge and also very popular for Fulham and Chelsea residents who enjoy an authentic curry in a clean cut, relaxed atmosphere.

Open over the Christmas period, welcoming work parties and a lot of family bookings offering a large variety of dishes which will cater to everyonechristmas menu london’s needs.

Just a stone’s throw away from Fulham Broadway and the main shopping area Kishmish is newly becoming a favourite for lunch time meals. Newly open for lunch including delivery, takeaway and eat in service from 12:00pm-2:30pm.

Christmas dinner London 2014

Christmas Dinner in London 2014

As Christmas is fast approaching the most popular words uttered when search engines, in the day to day office conversation booking Christmas parties is ‘Christmas dinner London‘. Kishmish is equally as excited being in a very central London location which is popular for socialising such Fulham Broadway or Fulham Road which is where Kishmish is based just in front of Stanford Bridge and just a stones through away from Chelsea and the infamous Kings Road!

Christmas dinner is one of the most British traditional meals around the Christmas holidays. Where families get together and can have a celebratory meal for Christmas. Restaurants around London are doing their own versions of Christmas dinner London style. Whether they have gone for the traditional turkey with all the trimmings or whether they have focused on a more modern aspect of trimmings introducing ingredients such as chorizo!

So what are you families favourite traditions at Christmas? Do you go for a special Christmas dinner in London or do you stay in and make your own with your family?

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Restaurant SW6

Restaurant SW6

Restaurant SW6 is a very affluent area in London there are many restaurants to choose from. Many people who don’t know the area as well as they could be lost with all the choice. However, there is only one option for those who know the area. This restaurant is Kishmish, a tasty Indian which does great Indian food. It is located on the Fulham Road. This is right by Stamford Bridge so if you are a football fan you can visit before or after a game. If your not a fan, then you can visit during a game. Obviously, you can visit at any other time as well. Kishmish serves Indian food that is fusion and it is also really tasty – have you given it a try?

The best place in to celebrate Christmas Fulham

Christmas eve is one of the brightest times of the year and celebrating Christmas should always be colourful and cheerful.

To provide you with the best experience we have prepared an amazing Christmas menu for you, which will get you into the right spirit.

Kishmish is one of the top restaurants in Croydon and it’s one of the best places to organise your Christmas party or special family dinner.

We already take reservations for the festive season and you can book in advance your special day. Save a date online or call us on 020 7385 6953.

Check our website, Facebook and Twitter pages to find our special menu and updated Christmas and New Year opening times.

A few ideas on what to do on Christmas in London

Image credits: vagabond3

Image credits: vagabond3

Christmas is one of the jolliest holidays of the year and it’s almost at our doorstep. If you are wondering what to do and want to make the holiday season more exciting, hew are a few ideas which will make the celebration more interesting.
One of the interesting destinations for Christmas is the giant Christmas tree on Trafalgar square. It was given to the United Kingdom by Norway in memory of the refuge that the Allies gave members of the Norwegian government and royal family during World War II.
If you like ice skating and are not a fan of doing it indoors, you can skate under the stars. The Tower of London provides the perfect opportunity to do so.
Another magnificent way is to visit a nice restaurant in great company. And why not do it in Kishmish. We will offer you extraordinary and delicious Christmas menu, suitable for any taste.

The Gardens of Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace is an important historic landscape. It was the summer residence of the Bishop of London for centuries. The Palace’s garden has got many interesting and unusual trees, gathered from all around the world. It was the home of the first British-grown examples of the exotic plants such as Tamarisk, Acacia, Mahogany and Maple trees.
Bishop Henry Compton started to grow the quaint and care demanding plants. He was a botanist and had created a wonderful collection of flora. Bishop Grindal grew grapes and he sent them to Elisabeth I each year. His name is also associated with a Great Tree of London. The aged evergreen oak is estimated to be at least 450 years old.
The Garden organises public walks, you can join to see the nature full of history.

Cinnamon helps you stay healthy

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Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices of Indian cuisine. It is well known for its nice nutty flavour. It has blissful effects on our body. It helps control blood sugar, therefore it prevents having insulin amplitude after dining.

Cinnamon is a natural sweetener and it helps your body get fit in shorter amount of time as it improves the blood circulation.

Ancient doctors were using cinnamon powder to treat snakebite injuries, freckles, common cold and kidney troubles.

What’s the secret of preparing delicious Indian Cuisine?

The art of the Indian cuisine is very hard to master and takes a lot of patience to understand the proper use of all the ingredients in this exotic kitchen. Many people believe that it is very healthy and sometimes it even can be used to treat various illnesses and relieve pain from diseases.

In order to master preparing the authentic meals, you need to understand one of the greatest secrets – the best Indian dishes rely on the proper mix of the spices and herbs, which create the unique taste.

According to some scientists the curries are very effective in cancer treatments. They believe the spicy seasoning has the qualities to kill the cancerous cells.

Most of the other ingredients in this cuisine are also spicy and can be considered for their positive impact on your health, like the chili peppers and the black mustard seeds.

The curcuma is also a popular blend and can be used as treatment for various liver diseases and also makes the human skin repair itself faster and look younger.

When making your next Indian masterpiece in the kitchen bear in mind that it is very important how you choose and combine all the ingredients.